Chapter 10: I’ll be back

The next morning. I’m eating the breakfast offered in the dining hall.

It’s a soup with meat slices.

There are onion and spices, and I don’t think there’s anything dangerous for a cat.

Slurp. There’s no salt in it.


Too much salt isn’t good for a cat.

It’s terrible for the kidney.

My tongue was great. I could lick the piping hot soup with no problem.

Perhaps I’m not a cat.

And just like that, I quickly emptied the plate.

Thank you for the food.

Now, let’s leave the town.

I stand in front of the entrance and push the door open with my body.

「Are you going to go, Neko-san? 」

I could see the little girl called Nell looks at my direction.

There were tears in her eyes.

If you cry again, I’ll be in trouble. What should I do?

Oh, I can do that.

I take out a little Basilisk skin from my Four-dimensional Space, then I prick myself with my nails and use the blood to write letters on the Basilisk skin.

『I’ll visit again. Thank you. 』

I showed the letter that I wrote to the girl.

She looked at the letter.

「Then, it’s a promise! 」

She sends me off with a smile on her face.

That was nice.

It’s good that my crash course in the local language turns out well.

After leaving the inn, I head for the woods.

The smell of the town doesn’t bother me anymore.

I can’t believe that my nose got used to these smells.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

「Mom! Neko-san said he will come back again! 」

「Really? That’s good. 」

「Yup! 」

Of course, Nancy didn’t take what her daughter said seriously.

However, it would be troublesome if her daughter cried, so she decided to appease her with an adequate response.

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